CERT and alerts

The CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC) is a leading organization in the field of computer security, located at Carnegie Mellon University. The CERT/CC regularly publishes alerts and advisories about newly discovered vulnerabilities, exploits, and emerging threats. These alerts provide timely and critical information to help organizations and individuals take appropriate action to protect their systems and networks. By following the CERT/CC’s alerts and best practices, organizations can stay ahead of the latest threats and minimize their risk of being compromised.


DevOps has become increasingly important in the field of cybersecurity due to the growing number of complex, interconnected systems and the need for faster, more agile security measures. In the DevOps approach, development and operations teams work together to continuously improve and enhance security practices, from coding and testing to deployment and maintenance. By automating […]

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence in cybersecurity refers to the collection and analysis of information about potential security threats and vulnerabilities. It involves gathering and analyzing data from a variety of sources, including open source intelligence, proprietary data, and technical data, in order to understand the nature and scope of potential threats and to develop strategies for mitigating […]

Scanning / Pentesting

Scanning and pentesting (also known as penetration testing) are important techniques used in cybersecurity to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in systems and networks. Scanning involves using automated tools to identify potential vulnerabilities in a system or network, while pentesting involves manually attempting to exploit those vulnerabilities in order to test the security of a system. […]