Living Off the Land Binaries, Scripts, and Libraries: A New Threat Landscape

In the world of cybersecurity, one of the most recent and emerging threats lies in the abuse of legitimate components of an operating system by threat actors. These components, known as Living Off the Land Binaries, Scripts, and Libraries (LOLBins or LOLBAS), have the potential to be manipulated and used in a way that facilitates […]

Android Users Beware: New Malware Dubbed “Daam” Discovered

Cybersecurity firm CloudSEK has identified a new Android malware called “Daam” that can bypass antivirus applications, steal sensitive data, and even encrypt all files on an infected smartphone using ransomware. The malware is distributed through APK files or the installation of certain apps, such as Psiphon, Boulders, and Currency Pro, and can evade detection by traditional antivirus software.

Mastering the CISSP Mindset: A Guide to Success

To prepare for the CISSP exam, there are several resources and approaches one can use. In this post, we will explore an approach that includes watching videos, reading study guides, and taking practice exams.

How to Get Started as a Bounty Hunter in the VRP World

Interested in becoming a bounty hunter in the world of VRP? It’s a challenging and rewarding field that requires dedication, persistence, and a strong knowledge of cybersecurity. Whether you’re a seasoned cybersecurity professional or just starting out, there are steps you can take to get started on the path to becoming a successful VRP bounty hunter.

Search Engines

Top search engines for pentesters and bug bounty hunters are specially designed to help these professionals in their quest to find vulnerabilities and weaknesses in websites and applications