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  • android-security-awesome – A collection of android security related resources. A lot of work is happening in academia and industry on tools to perform dynamic analysis, static analysis and reverse engineering of android apps.
  • SecMobi Wiki – A collection of mobile security resources which including articles, blogs, books, groups, projects, tools and conferences. *
  • OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide – A comprehensive manual for mobile app security testing and reverse engineering.
  • OSX Security Awesome – A collection of OSX and iOS security resources
  • Themis – High-level multi-platform cryptographic framework for protecting sensitive data: secure messaging with forward secrecy and secure data storage (AES256GCM), suits for building end-to-end encrypted applications.
  • Mobile Security Wiki – A collection of mobile security resources.
  • Apktool – A tool for reverse engineering Android apk files.
  • jadx – Command line and GUI tools for produce Java source code from Android Dex and Apk files.
  • enjarify – A tool for translating Dalvik bytecode to equivalent Java bytecode.
  • Android Storage Extractor – A tool to extract local data storage of an Android application in one click.
  • Quark-Engine – An Obfuscation-Neglect Android Malware Scoring System.
  • dotPeek – Free-of-charge standalone tool based on ReSharper’s bundled decompiler.
  • hardened_malloc – Hardened allocator designed for modern systems. It has integration into Android’s Bionic libc and can be used externally with musl and glibc as a dynamic library for use on other Linux-based platforms. It will gain more portability / integration over time.
  • AMExtractor – AMExtractor can dump out the physical content of your Android device even without kernel source code.
  • frida – Dynamic instrumentation toolkit for developers, reverse-engineers, and security researchers.
  • UDcide – Android Malware Behavior Editor.
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