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  • Holistic Info-Sec for Web Developers – Broad and deep coverage of what Web Developers and DevOps Engineers need to know in order to create robust, reliable, maintainable and secure software, networks and other, that are delivered continuously, on time, with no nasty surprises
  • Docker Security – Quick Reference: For DevOps Engineers – A book on understanding the Docker security defaults, how to improve them (theory and practical), along with many tools and techniques.
  • How to Hack Like a Pornstar – A step by step process for breaking into a BANK, Sparc Flow, 2017
  • How to Hack Like a Legend – A hacker’s tale breaking into a secretive offshore company, Sparc Flow, 2018
  • How to Investigate Like a Rockstar – Live a real crisis to master the secrets of forensic analysis, Sparc Flow, 2017
  • Real World Cryptography – This early-access book teaches you applied cryptographic techniques to understand and apply security at every level of your systems and applications.
  • AWS Security – This early-access book covers commong AWS security issues and best practices for access policies, data protection, auditing, continuous monitoring, and incident response.
  • The Art of Network Penetration Testing – Book that is a hands-on guide to running your own penetration test on an enterprise network. (early access, published continuously, final release December 2020)
  • Spring Boot in Practice – Book that is a practical guide which presents dozens of relevant scenarios in a convenient problem-solution-discussion format.. (early access, published continuously, final release fall 2021)
  • The Security Engineer Handbook – A short read that discusses the dos and dont’s of working in a security team, and the many tricks and tips that can help you in your day-to-day as a security engineer.
  • Cybersecurity Career Master Plan – Proven techniques and effective tips to help you advance in your cybersecurity career
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