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Australia news live: Optus breach a ‘wakeup call’, minister says, as telco contacts 14,900 customers with exposed Medicare ID

Around 37,000 Medicare numbers were stolen in the cyberattack – while 22,000 of those are expired, almost 15,000 are active. Follow the day’s news live

Palaszczuk defends renewable energy plan, saying climate effects are already happening in Queensland

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk spoke to ABC News Breakfast this morning following Queensland government’s pledge to end its reliance on coal by 2035.

Well, in Europe, of course, there’s a lot of reliance on gas coming in from the Ukraine and parts of Russia, is my understanding.

But what we’re doing here very clearly is that the hydro dams get built. And then, as the hydro dams come online, that’s when you start phasing down the reliance on coal-fired power stations.

We’re building sea walls as we speak. People are having to build their houses on 7-12 foot stilts above the ground because of the water coming underneath. Ancestral graves that the ABC has reported on are being washed away. This is happening in Queensland. It’s not just an island on the Pacific ocean. It is happening to Queenslanders. To Australians. And we all have a duty to look after one another.

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